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GE LOGIQ F8 Ultrasound Machine

Ultrasound is a primary imaging tool for obstetric and gynecological care and the GE LOGIQ F8 Ultrasound Machine provides the versatility and clinical performance you need to image patients.

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The GE LOGIQ F8 Ultrasound Machine's superb images, workflow automation and advanced applications will help differentiate your OB/GYN practice and assist you in providing thorough, confident care.

Quality images for diagnostic confidence

Innovative GE technologies bring you high-definition black and white images so you can see the precise details of fetal anatomy, including skeletal structure, heart, and soft tissue.

  • CrossXBeam ? Enhances tissue differentiation byimproving contrast (over B-mode) and reducingimage noise
  • Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI) ? Uses adaptive imageprocessing, a GE innovation, to increase signal to noiseratio for excellent contrast resolution
  • Phase-Inversion Harmonics ? Helps make subtle tissuedifferences apparent when studying fetal anomalies
  • High Definition Zoom (HD-Zoom) ? High resolutionmagnification helps bring smaller details into sharp view

Advanced probe technology for women?shealth imaging

With its wide range of probes, the GE LOGIQ F8 is a highly versatile system designed to meet your imaging needs for gynecology and prenatal.

  • Three high-quality probes ? 4C-RS, E8C-RS and E8Cs-RS

Automation for workflow efficiency

The LOGIQ F8 system helps improve workflow ease and efficiency so you can focus on your patients.

  • SonoBiometry ? Automatically places calipers to performkey fetal biometry measurements (BPD/FL/AC/HC) quickly,helping to reduce keystrokes and exam times
  • OB tables ? Multiple standardized tables are available(or configurable) for fetal weight and gestationalage calculations
  • Growth charts ? Graphs visually display growth curve(s),positive and negative standard deviations
  • Biophysical profile template ? Enables efficientassessment and reporting of fetal well-being
  • OB/GYN specific report templates ? Analyze andcommunicate patient data

Training, service and support designed for OB/GYN

GE Healthcare is one of the most trusted names in women?s healthcare and our ultrasound systems are used to help millions of women each year. The LOGIQ F8 builds on that reputation for quality and reliability to give value and peace of mind.

  • Scan Coach ? Innovative scan plane reference tool for OBexams available on demand during live scanning
  • Comprehensive service coverage ? If a service eventoccurs, GE is ready to respond quickly with customersupport and timely repairs to get your system back in use
  • My Trainer ? On-board training modules help accelerateuser operational confidence
  • Scan Assistant ? Puts imaging protocols at your fingertipsto reduce keystrokes by as much as 22 percent
  • Sono-Support ? Dedicated 1-800 number for clinical support

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