GE LOGIQ E9 with XDclear Ultrasound Machine

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The GE LOGIQ E9 with XDclear Ultrasound Machine gives you a renewed freedom to use ultrasound in new ways. You now have the power of extraordinary image quality on all patient body types, thanks to the combination of the Agile Acoustic Architecture with the new XDclear transducer technology.

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The GE LOGIQ E9 with XDclear Ultrasound Machine helps you improve workflow with ease, being assisted in your exams by advanced imaging and scanning protocols. The comprehensive expert tools, made easier for you, today include also 2D Shear Wave Elastography for abdominal and superficial examinations.

Extraordinary images to help improve diagnostic confidence

Great image quality requires innovation throughout the image chain from the generation of high quality transmit pulses to the final display of the image. It?s a challenge that the GE LOGIQ E9 with XDclear is ready to face with its new powerful platform enabling the adoption of GE?s most recent innovations. Today the combination of the Agile Acoustic Architecture with the new XDclear transducer technologies and the Speed of Sound capabilities takes image quality to a greater level. This provides impressive deep penetration as well as high resolution, hence extending the ability to use ultrasound with a wider range of patient bodies.

Agile Acoustic Ultrasound

The GE LOGIQ E9 with XDclear Ultrasound Machine’s powerful architecture overcomes the traditional rigid assumptions, showing a flexible ultrasound approach built on proprietary clinical models of the human body. The Agile Acoustic Architecture helps dynamically improve numerous imaging parameters. You can now acquire great images with minimal system adjustments, delivering remarkable image uniformity and enabling higher frequency at depth.

XDclear transducer technology

The proprietary combination of advanced materials and innovative design leads to this amazing transducer technology. The GE LOGIQ E9 with XDclear platform enables these new transducers of the advanced E-series family. The XDclear design incorporates Single Crystal technology to generate high quality acoustic signal. This quality is preserved through an innovative Acoustic Amplifier design coupled with GE?s patented Cool Stack technology to help optimize energy management. This combination helps maximize the signal intensity to increase penetration and simultaneously deliver high definition resolution throughout the image.

E-series transducers

A wide range of powerful technologies including Active Matrix, hybrid 3D/4D transducers and XDclear enables the acquisition of great images helping increase diagnostic confidence.

  • GE Healthcare
Adjustable Monitor
  • Yes
B Flow
  • Yes
  • 112 GB
  • 32.8 in
  • Yes
  • 55.5 in
Monitor Resolution
  • 1280x1024
Monitor Size
  • 19"
  • Abdominal
  • Breast
  • Cardiac
  • Gynecological
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Obstetrical
  • Pediatric and Neonatal
  • Peripheral vascular
  • Small parts
  • Transcranial
  • Urological
Operating Modes
  • Anatomical M-mode
  • B-Mode
  • Coded Contrast Imaging (option)
  • Color Flow Mode (CFM)
  • CW Doppler
  • Elastography (Option)
  • Extended Field of View (LOGIQView, option)
  • M-Mode
  • Power Doppler Imaging (PDI)
  • PW Doppler
  • Volume Modes - 3D Static
  • Volume Modes - 4D Real Time (option)
  • DICOM 3.0 (Optional)
Raw Data
  • Yes
Touch Screen
  • Yes
Touch Screen Size
  • 10.4"
Transducers / Probes
  • Yes
  • 298 lbs
  • 23 in
Wireless LAN
  • Yes (Optional)
  • New
Imaging Mode
  • 2D


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