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Biodex Econo Ultrasound Table

The Biodex Econo Ultrasound Table is economically priced and rich with features.

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The Biodex Econo Ultrasound Table is designed on the same platform as the Ultra Pro with similar features and functions. To make it a more cost-effective alternative it is offered without Trendelenburg positioning or central floor-locking system.

The same ergonomics have been incorporated into the design of the Econo Ultrasound Table, making it easy for a sonographer to achieve quality images without discomfort to the patient or sonographer.

Motorized height and Fowler positioning which accommodates natural body extension and sitting position, a height range as low as 23" to allow wheelchair transfers and a hand controller are just some of the features that make the imaging experience easy with the Econo Ultrasound Table.

The Biodex Econo Table can be customized to suit your department needs with an assortment of table options. Flush-mounted side rails enable closer patient access without sonographer contortion. An articulating scanning arm board, adjustable from 0-130 degrees and a headrest that drops down 15 degrees to allow for carotid studies are just some of the items which can be added to the table.

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